Head, meet heart.

When thinking and feeling align, magic will happen. By combining a creative approach with a deep understanding of group dynamics, we accelerate ideation and buy-in — the key ingredients for any brand, cultural, or strategic initiative. At its core, our process is about people talking with people. We bring teams together to re-build connections and coalesce on future directions. Based on these collective findings and discussions, we shepherd teams to key decisions in a way that’s surprisingly fun but yields powerful results.

Our “secret sauce” is a collaborative workshop process that builds trust and opens channels for communication. The methodology allows all team members to express their thoughts in a safe environment, yet keeps the group on task through tight facilitation and a well-managed agenda. Our immersive retreats are orchestrated from start to finish with exercises that are tailored for the specific issues an organization is facing. Our road-tested framework maximizes the retreat time together, extracting critical insights and achieving concrete outcomes.

We’ve led literally hundreds of retreats in industries that range from healthcare to telecom to construction to apparel. Along the way we’ve navigated highly complex issues, often in the presence of larger-than-life personalities. With a keen understanding of group and individual behaviors, we actively maintain an environment of trust and respect, expertly guiding teams to important agreements and defined roadmaps.

“THANK YOU for a great offsite! You energized the leadership team and guided us through a great number of topics in a seamless and fun manner with many great takeaways and outcomes.”

Torben Nielsen, CEO, Zoomcare

Our approach in action.

We live at the intersection of brand, culture, and strategy. In essence the brand is the why, the culture is the how, and the strategy is the what. By addressing all three in an integrated fashion, we help executive teams carve out a more meaningful place in the marketplace that resonates both internally and externally.


Brand is what a company stands for. Representing the nexus of strategy and passion, brand is at the core of how companies “show up” in the world.

  • Brand Platforms
  • Identity Systems
  • Corporate Websites
  • Naming
  • Multi-Media Campaigns
  • Collateral


If the culture isn’t right, things come undone. Culture is the engine that fuels greatness in companies of all sizes.

  • Mission & Vision
  • Core Values
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Internal Communications
  • Training & Development
  • Leadership Coaching


Strategy is action. When married with conviction and courage, strategy blazes the trail for innovation and growth.

  • Leadership Retreats
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Structures
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Systems & Processes