Head, meet heart.

When thinking and feeling align, magic happens. So often team members get stuck in viewpoints that have nothing to do with logic and everything to do with underlying emotions. Through expert facilitation, compelling visuals, and a conscious construction of the meeting space, we literally “un-seat” old ways of thinking and acting,

Through our approach, we’ve helped a telecommunications company navigate a merger and successfully enter a competitive market. We’ve helped a large construction company transition its leadership while increasing overall revenues by over 30%, nearing the half-billion dollar threshold. We’ve helped a healthcare start-up bring on a new chief executive to lead the team into new geographies.

Services we offer.

We live at the intersection of brand, culture, and strategy. So what does that translate to? It means we do the stuff that branding agencies do, like logos, naming, taglines, websites, collateral, photo and video shoots, billboards, etc.

But because brand and culture are so intertwined, we’re also really good at working with companies to codify their culture. We help craft mission and vision statements that inspire and motivate, core values that resonate, and employee handbooks that engage and speak in human terms. We even work with companies to launch diversity initiatives that stem from a place of authenticity, not shame.

Strategy is the important third sibling in this line-up. That’s why companies ask us to help with their strategic planning, customer research, operations modeling, and all sorts of other important initiatives. Because frankly, we do a damn good job of helping leaders frame up what they already know is important to focus on. And we do it in a way that’s fun, fast, and effective.