We help you dig deep.
And then we help you move forward.

We believe re-branding is about far more than a new logo or tagline. It’s about mining the core DNA of an organization as well as looking ahead to plan for market changes. It’s about listening closely and then assimilating different voices into brand frameworks that are authentic and strategic. This process builds the brand foundation that will stand the test of time and achieve a recognizable and compelling point of difference.

We understand that branding and culture change can bring up a lot of issues. Our methodology gets all ideas out on the table and yields maximum participation. We couple this with a tightly facilitated format that ensures teams arrive at innovative and effective solutions in a way that is efficient – and fun. The net result? A brand framework that sparks passion, excitement, and commitment – both internally and externally.

The inflection point.

Often companies know it’s time for a change. Market forces can shift, technologies can replace old ways of doing things, and what was relevant yesterday may not be relevant today. We partner with companies who are looking at the horizon and seeking new solutions.

Brand start.

We believe the best answers start with the heart and can be found within a company’s own four walls. Our shared, collaborative experience creates a singular, unified lens through which we help companies plan, measure, and evaluate future efforts from a place of true authenticity.

Brand foundation.

Effective brands are far more than a logo or a website. A successful brand reflects a shared system of values that is owned by everyone. When this brand “DNA” is woven into all departments, all functions, and all communications, a clarity of purpose emerges.

Brand expression.

What starts as a vision must be made tangible. Once brand decisions are made, we create a visual and messaging framework that empowers others to tell the story – both internally and externally.