“Through our recent merger, True Story was instrumental in bringing together the teams of both companies. Their process was methodical, collaborative, and very productive. The result? We have a terrific and unifying new name and a defined brand promise that will lay the groundwork for years to come.”

– Tim Biltz, CEO, Segra

Segra Case Study

Two telecom companies decided to merge. The potential was great: Together this merger would provide one of the largest telecom footprints in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. and would yield revenues in excess of $400M. But so was the challenge. It required bringing together two distinct cultures with different brands, products, and leadership teams.

Working closely with a cross-sectional team that included top executives as well as front-line workers, we shepherded the team to a new brand, a new name, a new set of core values, and a company-wide brand launch that had all team members fired up and ready for a new future.

It was critical to get this right. Our intensive and strategically phased process kept company management, board members, and the private equity owners informed and excited about the future.

Phase 1 Stakeholder Research

We talked with key executives to understand the underlying issues and to gain insights into the organizational dynamics.


Phase 2 Brand Development

We brought together key stakeholders to ensure maximum ideation and buy-in for brand decisions.

Phase 3 Creative Execution

We shepherded the team to a new name, as well as crafting an entirely new identity system.


Phase 4 Brand Launch

We staged a 500-person brand launch event that shared the excitement of the new brand.