DataDx Case Study

DataDx Case Study

The founder of DataDx knew what spelled the difference between success and failure for medical practices: understanding and applying the numbers. And yet, through her experience, she saw countless clinics and hospitals get overwhelmed by the day-to-day task of running a practice without setting a strategy in place based on solid metrics. Enter DataDx, a revolutionary dashboard that has all of the important numbers in one place.

The concept was solid, but it needed a message and a “face” that would go beyond just numbers. It needed a brand that would engage practice owners to make them willing to “pull the trigger.”

Working closely with the leadership team, we guided them to an entire brand system that incorporated their vast industry knowledge with our branding experience. The company has launched and is now building momentum in the marketplace.

“True Story is honest and candid. They provided thoughtful and strategic guidance, backed by real experience, that significantly impacted the success of our launch.”

Kate Othus, CEO, DataDx


Below is an overview of how we worked with the DataDx team.


  • Brand Platform
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Guide
  • Website Design
  • Corporate Collateral


  • Culture Platform
  • Employee Gift & Intro
  • Internal Launch


  • Leadership Workshop
  • Marketing Plan
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Sales Toolkit
  • UX Strategy



Brand Platform. In an immersive environment, we helped the team land on a “Game On” brand platform that energized everyone and helped all understand both the challenges and opportunities at hand.


Corporate Website. For a start-up company that’s a SaaS model, the website is everything. We crafted a site that demonstrated to clinic owners “we get where you’re coming from” – making a sophisticated solution feel approachable.


Dashboard UX Strategy. To tie in a human message with important metrics, we collaborated with the coding team to ensure the dashboard showed the information in a way that was simple, intuitive, and engaging.


Logo Development. The logo system was generated in a collaborative environment, with all stakeholders having the chance to weigh in. The result? A clean, simple identity system that team members feel invested in.