About True Story

“Hiring True Story is one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made.”

– Gayland Looney, Owner, Perlo Construction


We partner with companies when they face crossroads: mergers and acquisitions, leadership transitions, new product rollouts, and other critical junctures. Blending design with a strategic focus, we bring stakeholders together to make sure the right decisions are made with full buy-in. Our intensive collaborations engender excitement and alignment, teeing up companies to reach their full potential.

We believe a company’s truest purpose and most innovative solutions can be found in the hearts and minds of the people who care most about the company. By tapping into the cultural core, we catalyze change from the inside out.

We’ve worked with global powerhouses and small start-ups. We have a deep understanding of the dynamics of business cultures that flourish.


Elicia Putnam Partner

Elicia Putnam is a brand and culture expert who’s driven to understand the “why” of organizations. She’s created success stories for a wide range of companies – from technology to retail to medical. Elicia is known for her unique and highly effective workshop methodology. Her leadership allows stakeholders to quickly unite on key business decisions, including brand frameworks, mission and values, go-to-market strategies, and management team development. Elicia also has experience as an angel investor and has served on several corporate boards.


Michael Verdine Partner

Michael Verdine offers elite design expertise with a focus on business results. His work has won awards at top international design contests, including the One Show. Michael started his career at Cahan & Associates, Tolleson Design, and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. He was then recruited by Nike to be a Creative Director of their outdoor sports department. Since then he has served as creative director for a range of global brands, including adidas, ESPN, and Intel. As creative director at True Story, he enjoys helping companies of all sizes achieve greatness.